The Best Coffee Grinders

A coffee grinder is used to turn coffee bean into powder so it could more easily be brewed. It is a common appliance seen in most kitchens because almost everyone loves to drink coffee. It is easy to install and use.

There are three types of coffee grinders according to the blades used. These are a burr blade, conical blade and electrical blade. The blade type largely affects the texture of the brewed coffee.

The burr blade runs in a speed range between 10,000 to 20,000 rpm. It produces a not so refined coffee powder. The conical burr has a speed range of less than 500rpm and will produce coffee powder in finely ground particles. The electrical blade with a speed range of 20,000 to 30,000 rpm will make granulated coffee beans.

The conical burr is the best because it runs at lower speed without affecting the quality of coffee powder. It also does not permit the powder to acquire heat that may burn the powder during the grinding process.

Here are a few commendable models of coffee grinder.

Baratza Maestro Conical Burr

The Baratza Maestro Conical Burr Coffee Grinder was first shown boasting of several innovative features in 2001. It was upgraded in March 2007 with an innovative calibration system, a new powerful DC motor, increased range of adjustment, and other improvements. Thus the Maestro is an ideal grinder that can best grind coffee beans for espresso machine, press pot, and drip coffee maker.

The Maestro used the same 40 mm conical burr for it is consistent in making very fine to coarse grinds. It has 40 steps of adjustment, upgraded from just 18 steps. The grinder is calibrated to ensure a very precise grinding as desired. To obtain perfect setting, the bean hopper of the grinder is turned to the desired position.

The Maestro grinder uses 240 watt DC motor which is twice powerful than the current motor. Thus the grinder rotates in a slow turn which then leads to a less heated and silent operation. Such power of the motor also allows a long grinding process.

The circuit system of Baratza Maestro grinder includes thermal cutoff switch and an automatically resetting. This grinder can even slow the spinning of the burr to 450 RPM because it uses the combination of electronic speed reducer and gear. This means the grinder has reduced noise, heat, and static generation due to slow speed. And such slow speed can also ensure the smooth feed of the beans into the burrs.

The Maestro is as well features an on and off switch mixer grinder with distinct designed. Such switch can be rotated either counter clockwise or clockwise from any position not causing any damage to it.

La Pavoni Burr

The Burr Coffee Grinder of la Pavoni is ideal for home and restaurants. It can be used as a stand alone commercial grinder. It can even be used for decaf and flavored coffee as a secondary grinder.

The la Pavoni uses conical burr grinder that produces fine coffee powder. Such grinder is made of tempered steel blade. The top hopper of the grinder can hold ½ pound of whole beans.


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