Texas Hold Em Poker Lesson – How To Retire With Legal Poker Winnings

If you are uneasy about your current lifestyle then you’ve got to read this Texas Hold Em Poker lesson on how to get rich and retire playing poker.

This Texas Hold Em Poker lesson is going to explain to you some simple and easy to implement methods to quit your day job and retire with completely legal money made from poker. Even if you haven’t had any success playing poker yet, or if you have made a little money but not enough to really make a difference, I know that you, like me, will be able to soon quit your day job and sit back and relax playing a game you love on the computer all day. So make sure you read this whole article to find out how.

Texas Hold Em Poker Lesson On Retiring With Poker – Tip #1

The first tip is when to consider quitting your job and retiring with poker. Now, the generally rule of thumb is to be making as much from poker as you are your job. Also, you will need to do this at least 3 months in a row.

So if you have a lucky month and make the same as you job, don’t quit. Make sure you are consistently doing this and then give it to your boss.

Texas Hold Em Poker Lesson On Retiring With Poker – Tip #2

Another thing you will need to do to poker88 retire with poker is really focus on, practice and master your bankroll management. Bankroll management is very important but is the most important thing for full time poker players. This is because if you screw up and get low on your roll you might not have enough money to make it all back and you will be completely up the creek without a paddle.

Texas Hold Em Poker Lesson On Retiring With Poker – Tip #3

The third and most important tip to retire with poker is to have a strong mix of cash game and tournament play. If you love tournaments that is great, but sometimes you don’t win for a while and you’ll need the constant cash from rings games to keep you going. On the other hand, if you love ring games tournaments can be beneficial because you can play a lot of poker for cheap, so you can protect your downside that way.

Before you go and learn another Texas Hold Em Poker lesson or grab some new free tips, think about how great it is going to be to finally retire from your job and just play poker all day. Imagine the lifestyle and how if would feel to have the freedom and money to live however you want. Realize that this article has been extremely helpful to you in taking a few more steps towards this.

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