Guide to find the Best Stretch mark Cream in the market

Tretinoin Before and After | My Experience & Tips - YouTubeRight now, we are living in a world where physical looks play an important role. So, never disregard having stretch marks on your skin because if not prevented and cured, this can affect your well-being and make you feel insecure. This sense of low self esteem is accounted to not having retin a cream reviews a nice, healthy looking skin. Stretch marks can be a found in majority of people especially pregnant women, those who gain or lose a massive amount of weight or the result of the skin’s intense stretching. Don’t worry because there are solutions for this problem and the best is the use of creams that work in getting rid or preventing those unsightly marks on your skin. If you are on quest for the best stretch mark creams in the market, consider the following guidelines that will surely assist you in finding one that will answer your specific stretch marks

Creams that contain elastin, collagen or vitamin e are sure to be great as they help in bringing back the skin’s softness, as well as improving circulation in the affected area. These creams will not only treat your present stretch marks but will also avoid new scars from occurring. Stretch marks appear due to weight gain or rapid weight loss during and after pregnancy. There are different kinds of creams are available that claim to reduce or remove such marks completely. But most of these creams and lotions are not of much use. The harsh chemicals used in these creams actually can damage the skin layer if used on soft parts for long. In fact these creams cannot even penetrate deep enough to eliminate these marks.

Cocoa butter is suppose to be a natural cream that cures stretch marks but people who are allergic to butter should not use this cream. The doctor can conduct a sensitivity test to suggest you if you can use cocoa butter cream for treating your stretch marks. Shea butter is also another moisturizer that helps in softening the skin and reducing the stretch marks. Tired of stretch marks? Almost all are desperate to either cover up the stretch marks at the least or want a way to get rid of these ugly lines running all over the stomach, thighs, hands, legs or any where over the body. Science has its own way of cure. In addition to the lotions and many kinds of cosmetics tips that help to either cover up the lines or promise to remove those, ground breaking creams have proved even more effective to erase away these lines.

The stretch marks often occur as a result of constant stretching of the dermal layer due to the pressure from inside. The pressure may be due to a variety of reasons like extra fat deposits inside the dermal layer or some times in the case of pregnancy the eternal layer begins to stretch due to the growth of the baby inside the uterus. These marks are basically formed from inside the skin only. That is they are formed in the endodermis layer which is the layer beneath the outside dermal layer. Due to this formation the stretch marks, retain their specific shapes.

Depending on the skin colour, the colour of the stretch marks also varies. Not just the skin colour but also the colour of the stretch marks also varies depending on the location of the body part. For example, the stretch marks are seen as light white colour on the arms and chest while they become dark coloured from dark red to pink or even the shades of brown in the stomach area. What ever the colour of the marks may be, the stretch mark creams helps to erase them or at least lighten them to the skin colour.

Retinol or vitamin A present in the creams helps to rejuvenate the skin cells. In addition to this vitamin, the creams also contain other vitamins like vitamin e which helps in the defence of the skin and many skin moisturisers. The cream can be applied over the affected skin generously. Importantly, when it is applied immediately after the bath the absorption will be faster. It is better to take a hot water bath for better results. The cream can be applied twice daily for better results. However the results can be evident after continuous application of at least 8 months.

They can be even applied over the breasts, buttocks where the stretch marks are very evident. The cost of the cream also plays a predominant role to purchase it. Fortunately, the cost of the cream is well with in the limit. When strived to erase the marks over the skin, with the help of these creams, it is not a unachievable task. Science has made it all possible. Although pregnant women has to follow a patch test before directly applying over the affected area in order to prevent any allergic reactions.

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