ACER AS5552 – The Best Laptop for Ubuntu Linux

I don’t usually review or write about computer hardware, but I recently purchased a new laptop from that simply blows my mind when it comes to the ease of installing Ubuntu 10.10 and Linux in general, is a great OS for web development in PHP/MySQL, so it’s definitely a good idea look into using it for serious PHP development. Oh yeah – and it’s completely free!

Now, here’s the thing… Usually when installing a Linux OS on a computer that was originally built or designed for a Windows system, there’s something that doesn’t quite work the way it should. Most of these little quirks are simple, and can usually be fixed with a little searching of  hp pavilion gaming ryzen 5 google. In most cases, a computer’s webcam, or wireless receiver might not be working as it should, or some kind of non-essential hardware device.

Knowing this little bit of information, I was expecting something to have to be researched and fixed when it came time to boot Ubuntu the first time. First, I checked the built in webcam – Good to go! Skype video chats work without a hitch. Next, I checked the wireless and ethernet connections – Both also good to go! Up and running on the internet in seconds.

After that, I checked the USB slots with flash drives, a camera, and USB keyboard. All worked perfectly. The multi-touch mouse pad with page scrolling works exactly is it should. Lastly, I checked out the built in SD card reader. I figured that out of any of the installed hardware, this might give me a problem, but again, no problems.

The Acer AS5552 is a dream of a computer and even more of a dream when running Linux. The specific model I picked up is the AS5552-5898 RT. It comes complete with Windows 7 Home Premium by default, a built in webcam, a multi-touch mouse pad, a SD card reader, WIFI, 4gb memory, 500gb hd and a 15.6″ widescreen. I definitely recommend for the Linux user looking for a new laptop for on-the-go development.

[UPDATE] Since the initial posting, I’ve noticed that the default Ubuntu movie player has trouble playing DVDs, and even after the appropriate measures are taken to get DVDs to play in Movie Player, it does not play back the movie very well. The best idea, and I think most Ubuntu/Linux users would probably agree whether Movie Player is having trouble playing a DVD or not, is to use VLC media player for video playback. VLC is available for free from the Ubuntu Software Center. ACER AS5552 – The Best Laptop for Ubuntu Linux.


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